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Types of Magic

Street Magic vs. Stage Magic vs. T.V. Magic 

Street Magic - This type of magic is also known as Close-up or Strolling Magic and is very powerful in the mind of the spectator. It can involve anything from coins to salt shakers. Close-up magic generally has the most impact on people because it can be very difficult to figure out where the magic is coming from. I prefer to perform this type of magic, especially at wedding receptions or other similar types of gatherings. The energy in the room comes alive and it gives people plenty to talk about.
Stage Magic - This type of magic is generally performed at a distance from the spectators and involves larger illusions. I perform a small stage show, no "lovely assistants" or grand illusions. My stage show consists of some great illusions, however they are not huge productions that involve alot of elaborate equipment. Instead, my illusions involve typical everyday items such as newspaper, rope and water bottles. Involving audience members is also a big part of the show.

T.V. Magic - This type of magic is very special. Many magicians that appear on television try to emphasize the "single camera shot." This means no cut-away to a different angle from a different camera. This gives the spectator at home the same perspective as the spectators on the scene. I have not been on t.v. yet, but when I do appear you can be guaranteed I will walk through a building or float over one. I may also consider reaching through the window of a vending machine or fish tank without breaking the glass.
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