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A Special Message from Gizmo

I have always enjoyed magic. I was about 8 years old when I performed my first trick, sending a cup through a table. I quickly realized magic was not everything it seemed to be. I began to understand that magic has only two essential components, SECRECY and IMAGINATION. The rest is up to the performer and the spectator. When you have an audience with a good imagination, you will have a successful magic show. The only thing that truely separates one magician from the next is their style and showmanship. I have studied and researched many great magicians of the past such as
Robert HoudinRajah Rabiod and of course the legendary Harry Houdini. I grew up watching magicians such as Doug Henning and David Copperfield on television. Later came Penn and TellerDavid Blaine and Criss Angel. They are all legendary performers each with a different style and each with different levels of showmanship. Their individual styles set them apart from all other magicians. My style is very jovial and fun. I blend a mix of illusion and comedy that makes you laugh and feel amazed at the same time. I believe magic should be as much fun as it is mind blowing. By studying all of the great magicians I have mentioned, I have been compared to many of them. The comments I recieve from people make it all worth the time and energy I put into practicing magic. I hope to see you at a show sometime, just bring your imagination.


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